Montreal for 20 Hrs

Montreal for 20 Hrs

This past Tuesday Fresh and Aran headed out to Montreal for a quick trip. Since the great response from our official Mitchell & Ness All Star pop-up at the shop, we've been working closely with the M&N team to bring you guys the next collaboration. All we can say right now is that we have something wicked brewing with M&N. Stay tuned for more info. Restaurants we checked out ...

Old Montreal is our favourite spot to visit, the European inspired architecture and eateries give off the illusion that your right in the middle of Paris.

Joverse Montreal - Tuesday night is apparently there specialty night. Joverse serves latin inspired fusion tapas. Later on in the night a live DJ spins and as soon as you know it, you're in the middle of a full on party.

Olive et Gourmando - A simple breakfast cafe full of specialty teas and baked goods. Very, very Parisian. Hint: make sure you get there early because this cafe is no stranger to line-ups, especially during the weekends.