GFC in NYC : Pt I

After catching our 6 AM flight from Toronto we finally touched down in the big apple. Let me tell you something, we're really getting cheated out of our summer up in the TO. It's a scorching 30 degrees in the city today, but that dosen't stop the team. Right off the plane we headed down to catch up with our good friend Rahmuhl (@rahhmoney) and carried down to the show. Usually on the first day we like to do a quick walk through of all the shows and plan our the rest of the week. The show is looking promising this year but we're really excited for choosing fabric for our new lines. GFC 2016 here we come. Here are some pictures throughout the day. If we look like we're tired ... it is probably because we're running off of 2 hours of sleep and dodging heat stroke. but hey who said fashion wasn't hard?