GFC in Paris - Remy Martin / Louis XIII

GFC in Paris - Remy Martin / Louis XIII






Fresh, Will, and Aran had the opportunity to head out to Paris, France and Cognac, France for the ultimate Remy Martin/Louis XIII trip of a lifetime. Being Brand Ambassadors for Remy Martin, the trip involved displaying the history and legacy of Louis XIII, witnessing the entire creation process, and the ability to see first hand how products are made. The team’s main goals: become more educated in what they are Ambassadors for and see where it all began!


Paris is one of our favourite places to visit; from the local cafe’s to old Parisian architecture to European fashion, this city and its night life is not something to miss out on.


A very special thank you to the entire Remy Martin team, Olivia Tran, and Thomas. And a huge shout out to Chris Powling, who has been with us from the beginning!



Check out the itinerary below:

Day 1: Paris - Private Louis XIII Moment at the Remy Martin family summer estate. The team enjoyed a tour and saw where all Louis XIII is stored. Fact: all Louis XIII is aged at least 100 years before it’s sold!


Day 2: Cognac - A scenic 3hr drive out of Paris, leads you to Cognac, France. Started off the day with a visit at the Remy Martin Estate, which is where all of Remy Martin VSOP is made. The legendary cellar holds all of the historical Remy bottles, along with the first Louis XIII decanter.


Later on, a private dinner at the Louis XIII Mansion inside the amazing distillery room. One of the final stages of creating Louis XIII happens in this room, and less than 70 visitors per year have the opportunity to enjoy dinner here. Usual clientele: royalty, billionaires, and celebrities.


Day 3: Paris - Hotel Maison Souquet was where the team stayed while in Paris, and was once a local brothel now turned hotel. This used to be one of Paris’ most lavish buildings within its Red Light District.


Day 4: Paris - On the final night in the city was a farewell dinner, featuring an eight course meal. Dinner was held at George Le Cinq Restaurant, which holds the rating of 3 Michelin stars. This is the highest rating a restaurant can ever be awarded.


Followed by a final night out at one of the hottest spots in Paris, Titty Twister. The team had a chance to hang out with local DJ Lucky Kuzco. A young kid whose name is sure to not go unnoticed!



Until next time, Paris, au revoir…

Photography by Aran Raviandran