The Concrete Jungle: Hong Kong - Day 2 #REMYTRAVELS

The Concrete Jungle: Hong Kong - Day 2 #REMYTRAVELS

It's our second day in HK and we have a long one ahead of us. We couldn't find a breakfast spot that we all agreed upon so early in the day so we grabbed a quick bite at a local bakery and set off. 

We started off the day by heading towards an industrial part town to buckle down some production work. We have some really cool specialty products coming in from HK for FW 17'

While Fresh, Will and Ron figured out FW 17 Aran and Jigga hit the streets to shoot a few shots to include within our SS 17 campaign. 

After a few hours of picking fabric and scouting the streets, our manufacturer brought us to lunch to "The Country Club" at Hong Lok Yeun within HK's New Territories suburb. The restaurant is a private members-only destination for its residences. 

After what seemed as the most delicious Chinese cuisine we've had so far, we headed to Victoria Harbour to shoot more SS 17'.  

We took a detour through "Monkey Mountain". Now we didn't expect this kind of wildlife at all this trip, but we were pleasantly surprised. This one specific point on the mountain his home to hundreds of monkeys who come out to greet locals (steal their food). Literally about a hindered monkeys are just out and about in the parking lot. Very exciting- a little bit frightening. 

After our little HK concrete jungle safari, we reached Victoria Harbour. This area is how people used to cross into Hong Kong Island before the subway ran underwater. We shot with some traditional Chinese boats and headed to Central Hong Kong. 

After a long day and what seemed like walking forever, we decided to sit down for the night and grab some grub. 

We headed to LKF and checked out Chom Chom. A small but dope little spot perched in the narrow streets of LKF. Chom Chom brings Vietnam's electric Bia Hoi tradition of drinking fresh beer on busy street corners to HK. The whole menu is inspired by classic Hanoi street foods and is curated carefully to pair with their diverse selection of Viet beers.

Be sure to try the Short Rib Lettuce Wraps W/ Braised Short Ribs, Vermicelli, Spring Onion, Chillies 188. A definite must try (we ordered it twice!) 

We then of course ended our night walking the winding streets of Lan Kwai Fong